Where can I buy Sukhothai Products?
Buying sources for Gourmet-Retail businesses
Many of our Sukhothai Products are available through retail shops in and around Zürich as well as by mail order. This way you can always choose where and when you want to buy. And the best: easily prepared on a bar, as take-away or at home you will always enjoy the perfect flavor and the unbeatable taste of a real Gourmet kitchen!
Retailer Sukhothai product line
Moreira Gourmet House
Oberwachtstrasse 2
8700 Küsnacht ZH

Tel. +41 43 266 85 00
Fax +41 43 266 85 01

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Moreira Gourmet House in Küsnacht lets you enjoy a full-blown choice of fresh salads and fingerfoods. You can also get curry dishes and deep frozen products to take home.
Buying sources for gastronomy wholesale
Sukhothai products are also sold to restaurants and caterers through gastronomy-wholesale.
Marinello & Co AG
Aargauer Str. 1a
8048 Zürich

Tel. +41 43 44 44 500
Fax +41 43 44 44 550
e-mail markt@marinello.ch

In addition you can continue ordering Sukhothai products with:
Bianchi Comestibles
Mrs. M. Hofmann
Allmendweg 6
5621 Zufikon

Tel. +41 56 649 27 27
Fax +41 56 649 27 37
e-mail info@bianchi.ch

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